Which drum set is recommended for a beginner on a budget?

by Ted mezgo
(Sun valley c,a u.s.a)

A few months back me and my friend bought a beat up drum set in craigslist for $60 dollars cause we wanted to make a band.

I play guitar and I thought him how to play the bass and the plan was just to find a drummer,something that didn't happen.

As the weeks went by the drum set was getting dusty and I had even thought on giving it away. I started using the drums to explain to my friend about the timing and and how he was suppose to keep a steady rhythm cause he's skills were so poor and couldn't follow me on the guitar.

I've been teaching him for a year now and he has advanced in the bass but now I don't wanna let go the drums I fell in love with them.

I love playing my guitar as well. I been playing it for some years but I notice that I don't even think of it. All I wanna do is play the drums.

I have advanced a lot to the point were we have more than 13 songs with me as the drummer and my friend on the bass and every single person the listens to our music ends up liking it. I like that.

Now I just wanna get more serious with the drums and get my self a decent drum set for a beginner like me. I want something that sounds good but since I'm on a budget and I don't know anything about drums I want to know if there's any drum set you can recommend that I buy ? And why?


Hi, Ted--

The best thing for you to do would be to look for a drum kit that has cymbals included. Buying cymbals can get very costly very fast.

Check out our Discount Drums page. The first few entries are very nice Ludwig kits with cymbals and hardware included.


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