Which Drum Kit?

by Peter Sanchez
(Inglewood, California)

What type of drum set can I use for recording and for playing live on stage? I have a Pearl Export series drum set. Is that type of drum set good for either of the two applications?


Hi, Peter!

Some drum instructors would probably give you a long list of preferred equipment. I, on the other hand, am of the opinion that the DRUMMER, not the DRUM KIT, is of the utmost importance.

Given a basically adequate set--like the one you have--you can customize it to get the exact sound that you require for live and recording applications.

The two main variables are drum heads and cymbals.

Customizing your heads and cymbals can turn even the most basic set into a perfect-sounding set. Of course, you can also add more drums.

As for the recording situation, a lot can be done in the studio to help you to get the sound that you want.

So, Peter, my advice is--consider keeping and customizing the set you have and become a drummer who could make cardboard boxes sound good!

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Jan 19, 2008
Great Advice!
by: Anonymous

This advice was right on the money! Too many drummers (and other musicians as well) try to make up for lack of skill by buying more and newer equipment.

It is not the drum set, but the DRUMMER that makes the difference!

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