Which Cymbals are Better for a Beginner to Intermediate Drummer

Im debating on which cymbals i should get next, i currently play on Meinl HCS which i in fact like, all tho people do say they are bad, i dont mind the sound. Im debating whether to get some Sabian B8X Cymbals or Meinl MCS. My friend who has been a drummer for many years likes the MCS cymbals even though he plays on very expensive cymbals. The 2 sets im debating between are this http://www.amazon.com/Crescent-45006XMF-Sabian-Crash-Pack/dp/B00MWAI1LQ/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1455158102&sr=8-4&keywords=sabian+crash+pack

and this
The Meinl one comes with a 16", 18" and 10" cymbals and the Sabian one comes with 15" 17" and 10" cymbals. Im not sure what sizes would be better and the Sabian ones say they are Thin and the Meinls are Medium, which have a better endurance and sound for hard rock/metal drumming. Also if you have any suggestions Im not looking for top of the line cymbals or used ones. Im just looking for good sounding Intermediate ones Thanks!


I personally would go with the Sabians as I think that the brand is of better general quality. However, depending on how heavily you play and whether you strike the cymbals properly, you may want the mediums.

Maybe you could find Medium Sabians? If it were me, I would go to a large instrument store and try out each. The you will have a better idea what is right for you.


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