Which Cymbal Pack Should I Get?

by Shawn

Paiste PST3 Universal Cymbal Set (14" Hi-Hats, 16" Crash, 20" Ride) = $179.95

Sabian B8 Pro Rock Cymbal Pack (14" Hi-Hats,16" Crash, 22" Ride, 18" Crash) = $349.00

Zildjian ZHT Pro 4 Cymbal Set-up Cymbal Pack (14" Hi Hats, 16" Medium Thin Crash, 20" Medium Ride and Cymbal Bag) = $339.95

These are the ones I'm looking at. I don't care too much about the price, but I care mostly about the sound. Which would you guys suggest? And also, if you have a suggestion of something better in the $300-$400 range, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Hi, Shawn--

I would probably lean toward the Sabians. It is such a matter of personal taste that I would hate to influence you unduly by my personal biases.

I think Paiste cymbals can be wonderful, but you have to buy the more expensive ones.

I really do not like the sound of the cheaper Zildjians--either the ZHT or the ZBT, but I think the ZHT is the better of the two. I think maybe the ZXT's are even a little better.

I am using Sabians for my students and I have been happy with the sound for the price.

Another idea might be to grab the inexpensive Paiste pack and make do while you slowly add high quality cymbals that you choose individually for their particular fitness to your needs.

In fact, given the choices, I think that is a really good alternative. Let us know what you decide.

Best Wishes,

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