Which are better, metal or wood bass drum hoops?

by Joe Cahayla
(Clifton, NJ )

I have a vintage Gretsch set with a 20" bass. Many years ago (before the internet) one of the original hoops broke and the only replacement I could get was a chrome hoop. Since then I've been playing with one metal and one wood hoop, and no real noticeable difference in sound.

I'm working again now playing classic rock and I would like to buy matching hoops. I know I'll never find original Gretsh hoops with my finish, and if I did they would cost a fortune. I think the chrome hoops look better, but is there a benefit in going with mapel?


Hi, Joe--

It is GREAT that you are playing again! I would go ahead with the Chrome hoops. As you have noticed, it really does not affect the sound, and if you like the looks, why not?

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Best Wishes,

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