Where Should I Place My Roto Toms?

by John Costa
(Santa Clarita)

I have a 7 piece drum set (single bass, 3 toms and two floor toms). I also like adding my roto toms to this set but I'm having a hard time placing the roto toms correctly so they can be easily played.


Hi, John--

You don't mention WHERE you would like them to be, but here are some general ideas--

Put them above and between the floor toms on the right side. Rearrange the roto toms so they fit well.

Move either the right or left side crash cymbal a bit and put the roto toms in a triangular shape (6" and 8" on top and the 10" below and in between).

Figure out a boom stand and place them above your rack toms. You might even be able to clamp the upper pole (the one that goes into the floor stand) of your roto tom stand onto one of the mounting posts on your rack toms. Maybe with a radiator hose type clamp. I have never tried this, but it looked like it might work. Then you could have your roto toms in any arrangement you want right above your rack toms.

Let me know what you come up with!


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