What's the best place to set up a drum set?

by Heidi
(LaGrange, KY)

We are getting our 9 yr old a drum set for Christmas, and not sure about where to set it up. We have an unfinished basement that stays cool year round but doesn't go below freezing but it can get damp. Would setting up the drum set in the basement harm the set or would we be better off setting up the set in spare bedroom?



Hi, Heidi--

First of all, it is great that you are encouraging your son to play drums! Studying music is one of the most valuable experiences a child can have.

It is important to keep the drums from being damp and cold. The damp is not at all good for the wooden shells and can cause them to warp badly.

It would be much better to set the drums up in the spare room (Even if it means more "noise".


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