What to do if my guitar strings break when trying to tune it in a standard way?

by Endrit

I just bought this acoustic guitar for 100$, I never had one before, I even never seen one before, I searched on internet and a standard tuned guitar is this way
1st string E4
2nd string B3
3rd string G3
4th string D3
5th string A2
6th string E2

when I finally tuned my 1st string to E4 it came out of the pins on the head, I fixed it but I tuned it only to E3 and other strings I don't know what to do I am afraid if they will come out too, is it ok to tune it one octave lower, or what should I do, I don't have more money for a better guitar now?


Hi, Endrit--

You need to search for how to wind the strings. I am sure there are videos. Also, if the strings were on the guitar when you purchased it, I would recommend buying new strings. If the strings are wound properly they won't come off. The guitar needs to be tuned in the traditional tuning.


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