What should I look for in a crash? light? medium? rock? fast?

by brenton

I'm fairly new to drumming and am out to buy a crash. Whats the difference between light and medium and rock crashes etc. Ive been looking at Sabian ones and have finding it all a bit confusing.


Hi, Brenton--

Yes, it CAN get rather confusing. The main thing is to buy crash cymbals which complement the type of music that you will be playing.

In general, the thicker and heavier the cymbal, the fatter and darker the sound. Smaller, thinner cymbals have a brighter and lighter sound.Of course, the materials and construction play a big part in the sound.

You will want at least 2 crash cymbals which sound different. Here is a link to a comparison chart of Sabian cymbals:

Sabian Cymbals Comparison Chart. Maybe it will help if you see all of the choices in one place. You can click on each type of cymbal and see descriptions of the crashes available in that series.

Hope it helps and Best Wishes for your playing!


If you need some accurate professional drum tabs, check these out:

Almost Free Drum Tabs

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