What Should I Do for My Guitar to Keep It Sounding Right?

by Cody

What should i do to my guitar to keep it sounding right?

Hi, Cody--

First, thanks for asking! I see too many of my students who neglect their guitars.

OK--here are the things you can do:

1. Keep it clean. I keep a micro-cloth on my guitar stand. Try to wash your hands BEFORE you play (at least wipe them). ALWAYS wipe your strings
BEFORE and AFTER playing. The oils and moisture from your hands are murder on guitar strings. If your strings are dirty or even worse, rusty, the sound of your guitar will not be at its best.

2. Change your strings. Depending upon how often you play and for how long you play, your strings will wear out. Change them on the average of once a month if you are a casual player and every one to two weeks if you play a lot.

3. Check your intonation. You can do this your self if your ear is good enough. Play each string open and then on the 12th fret. The note on the 12th fret should be EXACTLY one octave above the sound of the open string. If you can't tell, take it to your local repair shop and have them check it and adjust it if necessary. It is an inexpensive investment in your sound.

4. Love your guitar. Keep it polished. Keep it in its case. NEVER let friends play it. Let it know that you love it. Guitars are like people--they perform best when they feel loved. (If you have a car--did you ever notice how much better it runs after you have spent time cleaning and caring for it?).

Best wishes, Cody, for you and your guitar. Let me know if I can help in any way!


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