What kind of Stratocaster Do I Have?

by ryan
(manchester uk)

1982 Stratocaster

1982 Stratocaster

hi i recently purchased a strat believing it was a 1979 but now im confused? it is sunburst, large headstock, 3 bolt neck,but has been converted back to 4 bolt for better sustian. yet the serial no is e200175. ive been told that it is a 1982 fullerton stratocaster and these are regarded as the worst strats ever made, also it has jumbo frets, honestly i got it from a session musician who has always used it and it plays absolutely fantastic its gorgeous. please help. ryan


Hi, Ryan--

The serial number indicates that Your guitar was made at the Fullerton Plant (Fender - CBS Era), USA in 1982.

It IS confusing since this Strat (known as the "Smith Strat") has a smaller headstock. The neck is 4 screw bolt on.

The earlier (1971-1981) Strats had the larger headstock and a 3 bolt neck. In 1979, the pick guards were black.

It seems like you have the body of a Smith Strat and the neck of the earlier Strat. Thd problem is, that the serial number is on the headstock and it indicates 1982.

I don't have an answer for you, but maybe some of our readers will have some ideas.


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