What Kind of Riff Is This ?

Its from Killswitch Engage. The song is called "Rose of Sharyn". How do i learn it?


This is from All That Remains. The song is called "This Darkened Heart".



I don't know that this type of riff has a particular name, but it is a very common type of riff in metal. It was first popularized by Metallica--kind of their signature sound.

Basically, you are playing a sort of "melody" on the higher string with the repeated notes on the lower string sounding as a kind of percussive "drone" or background sound.

2nd song:
I dislike this kind of tablature because it is difficult to write and read rhythms, but it looks like the first "7" comes in on the "and" after the first beat and then a note is played on every 16th note.

Probably the best way to practice it is with the metronome. Start out playing one note per metronome beat and when you have achieved some speed, slow the metronome down and switch to 2 notes per beat and finally to 4 notes per beat. Alternate picking will be essential.

The first song is the same principle--each of the little dashes stands for one 16th note.

I am going to start putting Guitar Pro tabs on this site soon. They really are a vastly superior way to write and read tabs. If you would like to experience them, here is the link:

I think you will like it! There is a free trial.

Have fun and enjoy your practicing!


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