What kind of guitar do i have?

by Nick Kunkle
(Rock Hill, SC, United States)

almost looks like a Jaguar, but not quite

almost looks like a Jaguar, but not quite

hi, im an avid guitarist and have been for some years now, but i do not know what kind of guitar i just bought for 5 bucks from a yard sale. The guy said its from the early to mid 70's model, but had been sanded down and repainted. So now i have been searching for days trying to find some information on this thing, so if you know anything about it, it would be awesome thanks


Hi, Nick--

I think that you would just have to be lucky enough to come across someone who has seen this guitar before. A picture showing the headstock would be a great help.

And what are those 4 little squares on the pick guard? That might be a clue, as it is very unusual.

I am going to post this in hopes that one of our readers has seen the guitar before. If you can send a pic showing the headstock and maybe some info about those 4 square buttons, it might help in identifying the guitar.

Best Wishes,

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