What keyboard should I purchase?

by Sinan
(Saudi Arabia)


I am a 15 years old piano fan. I think I will purchase a keyboard soon, but I should tell you that I never touched a grand piano before. I messed with an upright piano one time in my life, and copied themes on my 10$ piano toy; until it crashed. The only thing that makes me intend to purchase a keyboard while I still don't know anything about real pianos is my ability to learn new skills quickly; and I liked music. But in where I live music is a foreigner art and there is nobody nearby can help. Therefore I have to know everything through the internet.

But my questions, yet are still random. Therefore I need somebody to tell me what I should do. Like when a fan wants to purchase a digital camera for the first time in his life; he can't imagine that there is a feature named "Long Shutter" in the camera, and that it is very important if he intends to learn the photography. Therefore he has to ask someone the question "Which features do I have to look for in a digital camera?". *So what about that with a keyboard?

The random question of this day, or honestly of the last month: *Do the usual keyboards have no pedals? Are they almost removed?! *Aren't they very important? I Still don't know what's the difference with sound that they make; but I'm sure that I need them!

Another question: *What does the "pitch bend" do?

The modern keyboards contain many features. I can't recognize all of them because I'm still an English student, the language used there is hard to me! So, finally, by ignoring some advanced keyboards and taking the advice of a sales man, I decided to purchase what is called a "Portable Grand". *Is it a known type, or a specific party for the Yamaha brand? And I think that Yamaha is better than Casio for no reason; just because the general opinion says that. I won't pay more than 300 American Dollars. *Do you have any comments on what I will purchase? Is the "Portable Grand" a good type for my situation?

*Question needs an answer


Hello, Sinan--

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your English! I get letters all the time from English speaking people who are nowhere near as articulate as you are.

OK--your questions:

1. The features of a keyboard will vary according to the type of keyboard. There is a discussion of various types of keyboards at Tips for Buying Keyboards

2. Most digital keyboards now have pedals. They are connected to the keyboard via a cable. Yes, you DO need them, so don't buy a keyboard which has no pedals.

3. The "Pitch Bend" does just what is says--it makes the pitch go up or down. This is especially useful when playing solos because it allows the keyboard player to bend the pitch in much the same way that a guitar player can by bending the strings on the guitar.

4. The "Portable Grand" is both a general type of digital piano and a specific model made by Yamaha. In fact, I have a Yamaha portable grand that I use for my keyboard players in the bands that I put together.

There are advantages and disadvantages to the Yamaha Portable Grand. One huge advantage (and the main reason I purchased it is it's portability. It is very light and can be easily carried and set up by one person.

I personally do not like the action on the Portable Grand as well as I did on the keyboard that I formerly used--a Kawaii digital Piano. The Yamaha just does not feel like an acoustic piano.
The Kawaii, however, was bulky and weighed 150 lbs., requiring two people to set it up or move it. The weighted action like that of the Kawaii tends to make the digital piano much more expensive, however.

I think that for the price that you want to pay, you will like the Yamaha, especially since you are just beginning. My objection to the action probably is because I am used to playing my acoustic grand.

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Best Wishes to you, Sinan, and let us know if you have more questions. We are happy to help!


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Mar 01, 2009
by: Sinan

You've already answered! I sent a message to the site asking about the answer because the email didn't notify me about yours.

Okay, thanks for everything! I am in a very better situation right now.

Feb 27, 2009
by: Sinan - Reply

Thank you very much, miss Lynne!!! Thank you for your nice words, your answers and the whole letter! This is embarrassing, the words are not enough to thank. I was pleased when you answered me and paid attention.

I might skip the pedals when purchasing the keyboard (and that's going to happen soon) without your advice!! So, thank you!

Sorry that I didn't mention the type of the keyboard properly. I did not know that the digital pianos are considered as keyboards, I thought that the word "keyboard" is just another shape of "synthesizer". Yes, what I want to purchase is a synthesizer, a Portable Grand from Yamaha.

I checked out two Portable Grands' guides and didn't find much to be worried about. The guides contained information about some additional features that I don't think I will ever need. They also talk about some nice features the keyboards contain; but they're also additional, and I wouldn't care if I didn't have them.

So, by removing the education system and these digital additional features, does a keyboard become only a voicing keys? Like the real piano by forgetting its physical problems -as how I imgaine that-? I am not sure, I only need your stress, and I think that the result is great!

There is no need for the very detailed information, please don't disturb yourself! I hope I didn't ask complicated questions.

The lessons are great, I need that general knowledge, thanks.

I became afraid from turning that word into a cheap tool (!!), since I was very very pleased when I received the answer; and thanked you 5 times!

By the way, I am not Saudi. But yes, sadly I am Arabian. I dislike the people who I belong to.

Thank you again, for everything (including your kind words - I'm still pleased!!). Best regards.



Yes, Sinan, I think you got it!


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