What is the Best Snare Drum Under $125?

by Nick Davidson
(Chicago, IL, USA)

My school needs a new snare for the band but there's a low budget and I cant spend over $125. a few snares I'm considering are the Gretsch Catalina Maple, the Ludwig Acrolite, and the Yamaha Stage Custom.

If not one of those 3, what would the best option be? (the snare can be new or used)


Hi, Nick--

Of the three drums you mentioned, my choice would be the Gretsch Catalina Maple. My second choince would be the Ludwig Acrolite.

I make these choices because I think that the Maple shell will provide a more versatile sound for a school band than would the aluminum shell of the Ludwig.

I would bypass the Yamaha simply because I do not think that Yamaha drums are of the same quality as the other two.

I checked out the prices of these drums at several online stores and they all appear to out distance your budget by a bit. It might be good to look on eBay. I found a Catalina Maple for $60.00, but it was already sold.

Best Wishes,

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