What is a Gretsch 4 Piece Renown Drum Kit Worth?

by Laurie

Gretsch Renown Maple

Gretsch Renown Maple

My husband recently passed away and he left a 4 piece set of Gretsch Renown Maple drums in black. I cannot find this set on any of the websites and was told they don't make them in this color anymore. Is that correct? How can I find out what this drum set is worth?


Hi, Laurie--

I mwas able to find a Gretsch Renown 4 piece kit in black at one of the online stores. That kit had a floor tom, which it appears is missing from your kit. It was also a "Shell Pack"--includes only the drums, not hardware or cymbals.

The MSR price for that kit is $2,460.00 and the dealer is offering it for $1,599.00. That should give you some idea.

The saleability of your set will most likely be lowered because there is no floor tom. On the other hand, the hardware and cymbals add quite a bit to the value.

I would start out by asking for about $1200 and see what happens. Or start even higher--you can always go down.

Good Luck!


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Jan 20, 2010
Gretsch 4 Piece Renown Drum Kit
by: Bob

Hello...I own this exact kit/color. I paid $800.00 new (on ebay) for the four piece shell pack which would include 22" Bass drum, 14" floor tom(hanging - no legs), 12" rack tom, 10" rack tom, mouunting hardware for the toms.
Looks like your husband mounted the hanging floor tom on the bass drum which is usually mounted on a cymbal stand on the lower right. He used the mount for the floor tom for the 10" rack tom which he mounted on a cymbal stand on his upper left. You can change that easily and the kit will look more conventional.
Hardware (cymbal stands, hi-hat stand, bass drum pedal, throne(stool) are extra as well as cymbals.
The cost would depend on the brand/model and condition which could vary the price anywhere from $400.00 - $1200.

Good luck ,

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