What exactly is it like to drum in a studio?

by Jeremy

I've looked around, but I haven't been able to find a real answer. There are a few questions that I'd like to know.

When going into the studio, as a drummer, what are you expected to bring? (equipment wise)

If mistakes are made during the recording process while drumming, what happens? Do they simply start the whole thing over again until you get it right?


Hi, Jeremy--

The "in-house" equipment varies, of course, with the particular studio. A lot of studios are using electronic drum kits now. It would be best to ask the studio what equipment is available and if you can bring your own kit. I would use my own kit if that were an option.

The recording procedure also varies. You need to know whether you will be recording with a band --everything recorded "live" or whether the drums will be added later.

To put it bluntly, at this level you should not be making major "mistakes". If there is something that is not satisfactory, the solution may be to start over OR sometimes you can re-record just one section.

You can find more information by doing an internet search for "studio drumming".

Best Wishes,

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