What Drum Kit Should I Buy?

by Tim

Hey, I've been playing drums for about a year now on my uncle's old Remo kit, and I'm looking for something intermediate, preferably around 500$.

I was looking at Ddrums D2, Ludwig's Pinnacle, Sonor Force 507 and Dixon's Chaos series.

None of these are supposed to have great cymbals, so I was planning on upgrading those later, does anyone have any suggestions?



Hi, Tim--

Check out this set:

Gretsch Drums Blackhawk 5-piece Euro Drum Set with 22" Bass Drum Standard

It does not come with cymbals but it has great hardware. You can get better cymbals in packs for a reasonable price. In the meantime, you could use the cymbals that you already have.

This is a much better drum set than one that comes with cymbals.


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Dec 07, 2010
by: Tim

Alright, thanks

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