What cymbal pack should I get?

by Shawn

I have 800 dollars to spend and I'm looking for a cymbal pack that is good for rock music. I did have the zildjian a customs before but I wasn't in love with them so I was wondering if there's any good meinl or paiste cymbal packs
Or if I should buy individual paiste cymbals please suggest which I should get. The reason I'm saying paiste I because I heard they were better for my drumming needs
Thank you, your answers are always appreciated!


Hi, Shawn--

I have some ideas for you. First, check out THESE Paiste's : Black Alpha

I have not tried them but I sure would LOVE to! Then check out the Black Alpha Expansion Pack

You get 2 crashes, a splash and a China with the extension pack. Soooo--for $1000 you can get all the cymbals you need.

I realize that this price is $200. over your budget, but you could buy the 1st pack and then wait til you have the extra $200. to buy the expansion pack OR--

You could call in at ZZounds for the "4 equal payment" deal and get the extra $200. together during the 4 months that you are paying.

These are absolutely the best rock cymbals I could find. Let me know what you think!


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