What Chords to I play?

by LT Pratt

My band leader says we're playing in the Key of G then Ab then to A. That's great, I know that we'll move half steps as we change keys but what do I play as chord progressions for the starting key of G? After that, I know I'll just move up those progressions by half steps. Should I ask him what progression pattern ie. I vi V ii? Or better yet, what should I be asking?


Hi, LT,

DEFINITELY you should ask him what the progression
is. Numbers would be fine if you understand them. You did not say if this is a school band or what, but remember to ask for what your leader is able to understand himself.

In general, the chords in G Major are:

I=G ii=Am iii=Bm IV=C V=D7 vi=Em vii=F#07

Once you know these by name OR number, then you will be able to transpose quite easily, as you said.

If you want to know what scales to use for leads or solos, write back and let me know. I will be happy to help!

Best wishes,


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