What Causes Cymbals to Break?

by John McKee

My son has been playing drums for 1.5 years. I replaced his symbols about 6 months ago. the 14in zildjian crash cymbal started to crack and is now useless. Someone told me that he may not be using the cymbol correctly. Could someone tell me how this can happen? Are cymbal under warranty?


Hi, John--

The reason for the breakage depends on where the cymbal is breaking. If it is cracking around the bell, then the wing nut is too tight.

If the crack is at the edge, the your son is probably striking them incorrectly. A cymbal should not be struck with the stick at a 90 degree angle on the edge. If your son's sticks are getting chewed up, this is probably the problem.

As far as the cymbals being under warranty, they are not guaranteed against misuse. The store where you bought them would need to look at the damage.


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