What brand of vintage guitar do I have?

by Spencer
(Orange, VA)

I inherited a really old guitar which belonged to my great grandfather. He played this guitar in the Glee Club at the University Of Virginia in 1910. It is a small body acoustic guitar which has a black head. In the center of the top of the head there is a pearl star. It has a black fretboard with wavey pearl designs throughout the entire fretboard. There are no markings or serial numbers on this guitar. A friend of mine is fairly good with guitars but couldnt recognize it and did little research. I am interested in finding out what it is and if it is a valuable possesion. I will try to post a picture as soon as possible


Hi, Scott--

A picture would DEFINITELY be helpful. This is just a guess, but it might be an old Washburn. Please go to Washburn Parlor Vintage Guitar and see if this look like your guitar. At least it is someplace to start.

Best Wishes,

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Oct 18, 2009
Glee Club memorabilia
by: Tim Jarrett

Hi Spencer--

Just came across your question about your great grandfather's guitar and its connection to the University of Virginia Glee Club. I'm the historian for that group's alumni association. If you have any other memorabilia from his time at UVA, I'd be very interested to see it and share it with other alums. You can contact me at toj8j at alumni dot virginia dot edu.

Jan 24, 2009
Wow, maybe it is a washburn...
by: Spencer

Thanks for the old washburn link, my guitar looks very similar to that, the head is the same and the body seems to be about the same size but with more detailed trim work and a more fancy looking fretboard. I'm taking some pictures of it later today once I get a camera. The guitar is in excellant shape...were these vintage washburns worth anything?


Hi, Spencer--

What I know at this point is that they are valued by a lot of people. Once I get the pic I will look into it further.


Feb 04, 2010
Glee Club Brand Giutar
by: Rene

I just sold my guitar to a mother whose child will be taking lessons. I only know that it is a Glee Club Guitar. Can you tell me if they are still made? And what the value is of a new one

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