What brand of drums should i buy for a more metal sound?

by bradley

my kit

my kit

hi, my name is bradley i have been drumming for 6-8 months now and am still using everything from my starter kit. it is a dxp kit(i think :/) a cost me 500$ while i don't mind the kit, it doesn't produce the sounds that i want. i'm learning avenged sevenfold at the moment but i eventually want to move on to bands like nile, lamb of god, devildriver etc. i know i need a ride but honestly i have no clue what i am looking for. i eventually want to upgrade all of it when i get the money and i am just wondering how i can and what i can buy to make the sounds more metalish. at the moment its more of a rock sound. hoping you guys can help, really appreciate and thankyou :)

also is there anything i can do to get rid of the white marks off the skins and cymbals? thanks


Hi, Bradley--

Try upgrading your cymbals first. These are designed by Joey Jordison and are great for metal:

Paiste Black Alpha SK Core Set Standard

When you are ready to upgrade your set, try these:

Pork Pie 7-Piece Standard Black Glass Maple Drum Shell Pack Standard

As far as the white marks, the cymbals can be cleaned with
Sabian Cymbal Cleaner Standard

The marks on the heads will not hurt anything and are best left alone.

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