What Are Drum Power Hoops?

by Manny
(United Kingdom)

After a bit of looking online, I've come to find out about different flanged hoops and die cast hoops, but several drums are said to have "power hoops" on them, and I can't seem to find anything saying what the heck they are!

p.s. I'm really glad to finally find a site where you can ask an expert questions... I keep expecting to find the wealth of knowledge the internet is known for, and finding next to nothing in the realm of details about types of drum/hardware, particularly anything remotely obscure :)


Hi, Manny--

"Power Hoops" is one of the brand name for hoops that are pressed rather than die cast. Other brands are "Mighty Hoops" and "Super Hoops".

As you know. die-cast hoops are made by pouring molten steel into a reusable mold or form. This produces a very heavy hoop that does not bend at all. These hoops are especially effective for snare drums because of the added definition they lend to rim shots.

Pressed hoops are made by pressing a sheet of steel between 2 shaped dies. In this process, the steel is not heated, but pressed cold. These hoops are more durable than the die cast hoops. Most drums come with pressed hoops, but die cast are used on the more expensive sets.


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Jun 26, 2012
And what of the sound?
by: Anonymous

Thanks a lot for the informative response; but what difference does it make to the sound of the drum? Does the added durability make it resonate less?

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