Washburn Lyon LD 7M

by Nathalie
(Copenhagen, Denmark)

I want to start learn to play the guitar, and so i borrowed my mothers old guitar. The model is a Lyon by Washburn model no. LD 7M
Now i have to buy strings for it, but i can see i have to choose between a lot. If you could help me figure out if it's a western or spanish guitar? Or better than that, tell me which string i have to bye.
Thanks for your advice (:


Hi, Nathalie--

Your guitar is an acoustic (western) rather than a Spanish (classical. Basically, this means that you need to buy steel rather than nylon strings.

Strings are available in different gauges or weights. Since you are just beginning, you might want to use a lighter gauge. These would be good:
(buy at least 2 sets in case you break a string)

Martin MSP3100 SP Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

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