vintage drums?

by Nick
(Illinois- U.S.A.)

pic of the drum set

pic of the drum set

I have a set of drums and i do not no what brand they are. The drum heads read King's Stone plastic drum heads made in U.S.A. on them, but there is no other names or anything on the drums anywhere. The crash ride cymbal brand is super. I think they might be Slingerland, but im not sure any comments would help! -Thanks Nick H


Hi, Nick--

I am going to post this and see of any of my readers have ideas about what your drums might be.


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Nov 21, 2011
Vintage Drums
by: Ryan

Thanks for posting the picture of your drum kit. Although I'm certainly not a vintage drum expert, I do have a great interest in them. My Dad has a kit that he bought used in the 1950's with the same lugs and tom mount. His are Gold Sparkle, judging by the picture your kit looks to be a gold satin flame finish. His has interesting spring loaded floor tom leg adjustments...I can't see yours. The brand name of his kit is "Rotunda", (I've seen similar lugs and the same tom mount on "Stewart" drums) my best guess is that his is one of many Japanese manufactured kits that copied more expensive American made kits. Still sounds great, a nice tubby warm thud. The next time you have the heads off any of the drums, check to see if the wood grain runs vertically or horizontally across the shell. If it runs horizontally there is a good chance that your drums were from a higher end manufacturer. Here is a link to very good website, it may help.
Regardless of the manufacturer, aged wood and thin shells still seem to make for great sounding drums (as long as the shells are relatively round)

Oct 20, 2009
i have the same set
by: john

i have the same set which i purchased from a yard sale. i have been trying to identify them since and ive had no luck maybe you will. good luck

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