Value of a "Cottage Gem" Upright Piano

by Rita

I have owned an upright piano for about 10yrs. I bought it used from a family who already owned it for almost 90yrs. The only thing written on the inside is a plaque that says 'COTTAGE GEM'. It is in very good condition and I am wanting to sell it. Can anyone tell me approximately how much it would be worth?


Hi, Rita--

The Cottage Gem Ohio piano company is the manufacturer. The problem with old uprights is that no one is willing to pay much for them. There is really no definitive way to place a value on an upright this old.

Your best course of action might be to find a family with a young child beginning to study piano and not wanting to make a huge investment in a piano. You might be able to get $300. to $500.

Best Wishes,

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