uncomfortable practice space.

by Jason
(minotloa, n.j. U.S.A)

I have two practice spaces. One at home and one where the band practices. Why is it that when I'm home I can play virtuously flawless and more fluid. But yet when I go to band practice I feel like Ive lost a few years of playing. Im slower, not as fluid and cant "feel" my kit like my space at home. Ive even swapped kits and i still feel the same. The only thing i can think of is that the floor of the band practice space seen a little unstable. Will this drastically change my playing or is it me.


Hi, Jason--

This is not uncommon. When you are at home you are relaxed and in a "safe" environment. When you are at band practice, you are in a kind of performing environment where you feel psychologically less safe.

This happens to almost everyone. My students often voice the same concerns when they come to their lessons. Professional dancers know that that they have to be able to leap much higher in practice than they will need to in performance.

In other words, you are experiencing a type of performance anxiety. The unstable floor is a distraction which probably does not help.

There are some things that you can try:

1. Be OVER prepared. Know the songs so well that you could play them "in your sleep". Be able to do all fills and difficult parts faster than you need to. Be sure to always go back to the metronome and practice at the correct tempo after fast practicing so that you don't develop the habit of playing too fast at rehearsal.

2. Concentrate on the music--become part of it. If your attention is on the music and not on your self and your playing, the anxiety will likely lessen. Also, talk to yourself posotively before
rehearsals. Try not to develop an expectation of
difficulty before you rehearse.

3. Check out the possibility of finding a new rehearsal room. The unstable floor is an understandable distraction, especially for a drummer. If your drums are moving around while you play, it can very well affect your playing.
Maybe you can find a garage with a nice concrete floor.

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Best Wishes,

(Let me know how things go...)

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May 21, 2023
Performance anxiety
by: Anonymous

What to do , what to do. I want to play in a band, and im sure the guys i practice with are gonna talk about playing out. Some day.
What am i gonna do !! Will drinking a wine cooler before practice help me relax any ?

May 21, 2023
Performance Anxiety
by: Anonymous

I feel your pain. I have my own little studio in our garage. I practice all day, mostly. And I'm 95 percent of the time alone. I have anxiety when anyone is present. I practice with a couple guys in MY studio and i always have anxiety and always disappointed with my performance. I have turned down invitations to play in recitals at the school where i take lessons. They only have electronic kits and i ONLY have acoustic kits. If i have anxiety at my own studio with my own kit whenever someones present, good God what will i do on a different kit in a different environment with a bunch of people present, AND on a stage !!!!! Seriously !!!!

Mar 11, 2010
Same problem
by: Tay

I have the same problem. At home I hear my music and it sounds so much better than when I'm in practice. I'd have to agree it's a comfort thing...that and I have a hard time seeing so my music at home is much closer than when I'm in practice.

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