Two Treble Clefs in Piano Sheet Music


I came across some sheet music that has two treble clefs in the opening of the song, and then changes to two treble clefs and a bass. How do I play that?



In some sheet music the vocal line is shown on the top staff in treble clef and the piano right hand is shown on the next staff in treble clef.

The piano left hand is shown on the 3rd staff in Bass Clef.


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Apr 13, 2021
I have the same question
by: Anonymous

Hello, I was searching on this subject because I had the exact same question. I am learning the entertainer, Scott Joplin and it has 2 treble lines and is confusing me, as a piano learner. When I find out the answer I will post.

Jan 08, 2021
Piano: Two Treble Clefs and one Bass Clef: no vocals
by: Matt

I see on some Scott Joplin Rags that there are two Treble Clefs, and one Bass Clef.

There are no lyrics or other instruments in the song, and I cannot figure out why the top 2 Treble clefs appear to have the same notes.
How is the music to be interpreted and played?

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