Tush - Drum Tab--How to Program a triplet rhythm


Many thanks for the many excellent drum tabs I have purchased recently....more requests to come.

Could I ask one quick question about the Tush tab. I am not a drummer and I am trying to program these tabs into a drum machine for practice with my guitar. I can now do this fairly quickly and well and have a reasonable understanding of timing.

However,at the top of the Tush tab (just below the song BPM value) there is a set of notes in brackets - I can't represent them here via the keyboard!!). This appear to show that two 1/8 notes are equal to one 1/4 notes and an 1/8th note!!).

Could you explain how this works very briefly and in terms of programming in using a step method on a drum machine where would these notes fall on a bar in 1/8 notes.

I hope this is not too big a question for this forum.

Many thanks.



Hi, Peter--

Glad you are finding the tabs useful! About the notation for "Tush". That little notation indicates that the eighth notes have a "triplet" feel. It is an indication that the song is in a shuffle or swing rhythm. Instead of the two eights being straight--1& 2&,etc., they are in a "long-short"--1 a2 a3 a4 a--rhythm. The first eighth note takes up the first 2 notes of the triplet and the second eighth note is the last note of the triplet.

Since I am not familiar with the drum machine that you are using, I can't specifically tell you how to enter it. Some machines have a function that changes eights to swing rhythm.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have more questions--no question is too big for this forum. I am happy to help!

One more thing--I am traveling for the Summer, but I will be home in a week. When I am at home, I have the capability of recording these tabs in mp3 format. If there is ever a tab that you cannot program, I would be glad to send you an mp3 file--same price as the tabs.


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