Turnaround Licks from "Had It All"

by Kenneth Kim
(Redondo Beach, California USA)

I'd like to learn the piano licks played at the end of the first chorus of the Kara Dioguardi song on YouTube.com "Had It All" (at 1:07 of the video below). I think they would be fun to learn because could be used in different songs and chords (last lick sounds Bruce Hornsby-ish).



Hi, Kenneth--

While I ordinarily do not offer piano transcriptions, this one was short and I had a little extra time.

I transcribed the right hand part. From this, you can pick up the chord structure and the melodic notes.

Please download it at Had It All

Hope this will help you!

Best Wishes,

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May 26, 2009
by: Kenneth Kim

Thanks so much, Lynne! I was able to figure out the basic chords to the song, but my ear isn't good enough to pick out the little fills and licks. I love that lick at the end of the first chorus and I'm sure knowing how to play it will help me incorporate similar ornamentation to other songs, as well. Thanks again for taking the time to help me out!

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