Traitor In Our Midst

by matt wilson
(las vegas)

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our logo


Traitor is not only a band,we are a family.Forming a few days before Christmas of 06' by the twins AJ and Shaun originally under the names 9 iron escapade,and the roman fire before finally settling with traitor in our midst,traitor is a band devoted to playing passionate hardcore music focusing more on groove-oriented music laced with passion and intensity.we write music that is destructive.this means that you could be at your job hearing our music,and all of a sudden you want to hit your co-worker in his/her mouth,and start a pit with the customers.traitor has a raw energy that translates into a intense live set that is definitely not to be missed.sometimes brutal,sometimes melodic,always,we have a new vocalist,and our sound is more brutal,more developed,and ready to tear up the pit.

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