Ties & Non-Adjacent Notes

by Nathan


My name is Nathan, and I am novice piano player working my way through Clair de lune by Claude Debussy. I am currently at measure 47, and I need clarification on some of the notation.

I know that a distinguishing feature between ties and slurs is that ties connect notes of the same pitch and slurs link notes of different pitches. In this measure, two E flats in the treble clef (Eb4 on a standard piano) are connected by what appears to be a tie, but there three other notes between the E flats. Would this still be a tie, or would it become considered a slur in this situation?

I have seen playthrough videos on YouTube, and each pianist plays the second E flat when they get to this section. On the other hand, I cannot find any information on ties saying that the notes must to be adjacent to one another. I know that ties can carry across measures, but I am unsure if it remains a tie if the pitches are separated by other notes.

Thanks for your help!



Hi, Nathan-- In this case the curved line between the Eb's is just a phrasing indication meaning that the high Eb is to be held while the other notes are being played legato.


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