"Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley--Drum Tab (Guitar Pro)

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About This Song

"Three Little Birds" is the fourth track of side two on the Wailers 1977 album "Exodus". The song has been covered by dozens of artists.

About The Drummer

Carlton Barrett was born Jamaica in 1950, and lived only until 1987. When he was a teenage, he built his first set of drums using empty paint cans.

Barret played Ludwig drums with only one head on each Tom. His Snare drum was the aluminum Supraphonic model. He set the snares so that they were extremely loose, giving it his characteristic "timbale" sound.

About This Tab

The unique rhythm of this song is due to the placement of side stick hits on the Snare drum in relation to the 16th notes on the Hi Hat and the 16th note rhythm on the Bass drum. There are often open Hi Hat hits on the last half of the second and fourth beats.

The beat remains pretty much the same throughout the song with very few fills on the Toms.

"Three Little Birds" would be a great song for an intermediate or advanced drummer. I takes some skill to get the side stick hits in the right places. If you like Bob Marley, give this one a try.

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