Three Bass Drums

by Joe
(Macomb, Michigan, USA)

3 Bass Drums

3 Bass Drums

why do some drummers put smaller bass drum in front of their big bass drum, also what is it called if it has a name and what does it do.


Hi, Joe--

I have to admit that I have never seen this setup. Very interesting. I know that some metal drummers are using two and sometimes three bass drums that are different sizes, but have never seen it done this way.

In fact, I did some research and could not FIND a bass drum the size of the small one. It almost looks like a small marching bass from a bass drum line.

As far as what it does--maybe there is a pedal that we cannot see and that is just his way of mounting another bass to save space. Or maybe it is some kind of trigger setup.

I am hoping that some of our readers have more information.

Best Wishes,

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Mar 22, 2012
It´s a Woofer
by: Fritz

Saw this just now by searching the web for big bassdrums.
The little kick in front is connected to the bigger one behind.
The backy´s porthole leads in a porthole on the backside of the one in front.

terry bozzio and lotsa other drummers use it the regular way with deep backies and thinner fronters in the same size.

this example here is just another design of a woofer-system.

but looks outstanding

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