The Fastest Way to Learn Guitar

by Jim

How can I learn to play guitar like a pro? I read guitar tabs...

I want to add real guitar to my songs. Please visit these sites to see my songs


Hi, Jim--

I listened to some of your songs and you have some very good ideas! I think that one really good avenue for you to explore would be getting some of your music used in video games.

About the guitar playing--

There is really no quick fast short cut to becoming a great guitar player, or a great player of ANY instrument for that matter. If there were, there would be a LOT more great guitar players.

Playing any instrument well takes time and commitment. There are people who will try to sell you "Play Guitar in 30 Days" programs, but you would be wasting your money.

The best way I know of is to find a good teacher and work hard. If you can't afford a teacher, try
Absolutely Free Guitar Lessons. Go through the lessons from the beginning and keep asking questions.

Good Luck--You have a lot of talent!


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