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I have been playing on my electric acoustic guitar for two years and i want to start playing electric guitar, i want to play music such as the Smashing Pumpkins and some old metal like Black Sabath. i figured that i should get a les paul guitar , but it is to expensive so i might go for a epiphone guitar. please give me your view on epiphone les paul standard guitar? also, what is the difference between gold and silver hardware? does it make a big difference if the hardware is gold or silver? please recomend something in the price range of the epiphone guitar..
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Hi, Fadl--

This is an easy one. The guitar that I would recommend to you is the Epiphone Prophecy SG Custom EX Electric Guitar with EMG Pickups.

Two of my students have this guitar and I have been totally amazed by it. It is less expensive than the Epiphone Les Paul and the active EMG pickups make it PERFECT for the type of music that you want to play.

You can check out this guitar at:

Epiphone SG

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Sep 17, 2010
by: lesli

Thanks for contributing your answer. i checked out the sight and it give good info and also had a fair price range

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