Tama Rockstar

by Mike
(Woodbury, Ct .USA)

I have a Rockstar tom I am trying to sell that I was told was maple and am getting emails from fellow E Bayers that I am false advertising and that Rockstar was never made in maple. Any way to confirm by ser# 549646? No way to ask at Tama website so I thought I would try you. Thanks.


Hi Mike--

Although I found a couple of people claiming that the Rockstar drums they wanted to sell were Maple, there is no evidence to support that the Rockstar series ever had maple shells. The old Artstars and the StarClassics appear to be the only Tama drums with maple shells.

The Rockstar series is made like this: Basswood/Philippine Mahogany Shells-- 9mm, 7-Ply (1 ply Basswood, 5 plies Philippine Mahogany, 1 ply Basswood)

Sorry for the bad news, but I hope it clears things up for you. Here is the official Tama Drum history page: Tama Drum History


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