Sympathetic Vibration on Open String

When I play A note 2nd fret 3rd string, my fifth string open A also sounds. Is that supposed to happen? Stupid question, but I just bought a new classical guitar and am teaching myself; so I'm a bit ignorant. Thanks


Hi, katnipj--

You are experiencing what is known as "Sympathetic Vibration". This happens when vibrations from one string are the same frequency )or a harmonic multiple of that frequency) as another string. Thus, the "A" on the 3rd string, second fret will have vibrations which are a harmonic multiple of the vibrations from the open 5th string.

This is a normal occurrence. You can eliminate it by dampening the 5th string slightly with a finger, or you can make use of it and allow it to add additional resonance to your tone--it depends on the situation.

Most likely when you are playing a song, the vibration will be less noticeable than when you just strike the one note in isolation.

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Aug 10, 2009
Thank you
by: Alice

I had a feeling it was normal, since in the process of playing it sounded like a fine addition. Thanks so much for the fast response.

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