Student struggling to co-ordinate note reading and rhythm

by Philippa

I have a student and she can read notes perfectly and clap the rhythm perfectly, but when you put the two together she can't hold the rhythm so well. She also struggles to follow whether she is using her left hand or her right. So even if she nails one line of music well she gets in a big muddle with two lines. She strongly associates the note with the finger she is used to using so will use that whether it is in the base clef or the treble. I've been with her for a while now and she is not progressing. She so loves music and wants to progress and I feel I am letting her down. She came to me two years ago after having a teacher who used to make her really stressed, or so I was told. I saw what she was learning and she was taught off one line alternating between treble and bass, but after two years she still is not progressing. It is like her eyes aren't drawn to the cues she needs. Any advice would be great.

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