Stringing My Dean Razorback

by Travis
(Eagar AZ United States)

How do I change my Dean razorback guitar strings? How do you get the string in and out of the Floyd Rose?


Hi, Travis

Here are the instructions from

1. Reset all fine tuning screws located on the bridge to a middle position.
2. Remove the sixth string from your guitar. To do this, loosen the 'string-lock screw' located at the back side of your bridge using an allen key. The string-lock screws are the screws that run parallel to the body of your guitar.
3. After several counter-clockwise turns, the string should pop free from the bridge.
4. Using an allen key, loosen the 'nut clamping block' (the part of the guitar where the neck meets the headstock) that covers the sixth and fifth string.
5. Once the nut clamping block is loosened, you should be able to extract the string from the guitar.
6. Now, take your replacement string, and using wire cutters, clip off the ball at the bottom end of the string.
7. Put the freshly clipped end of the string into the saddle of the bridge. Examine the other strings to see where exactly the new string should go.
8. Push the string down into the saddle as far as possible. You may have to further loosen the string-lock screw.
9. Using your allen key, gently but firmly tighten the string-lock screw to hold the string in place (be careful not to over-tighten!) Be sure the string stays secure in the saddle while doing this.
10. Feed the string under the loosened nut clamping bolt, and under the 'string retainer' (the bar on the headstock that runs parallel to the nut).
11. Feed the string through the tuning peg, leaving some slack in the string. The string should wrap several times around the peg.
12. Bring the guitar into approximate tune. Cut away excess string.
13. Repeat the above steps for each of the remaining five strings. You may need to repeatedly re-tune the guitar.
14. When all six strings have been changed, tune the guitar as precisely as possible, then tighten the nut clamping bolts. If tuning changes, re-tune using the fine tuning screws.

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Apr 12, 2011
by: sebastian

id like to know the exact tuning of a razorback. i have a explosion version. i hear drop D but that could mean a couple fo variations. But when made..what did the factory set as its tuning?

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