Stairway to Heaven--Two Notes at the Same Time

I'm having problems with some tabs I'm working on, at the parts where 2 notes are being played at the same time. For instance the tab I have for
Stairway reads(written "string" then Fret number) D 7th, G 5th, B 5th, e 5th and then e 7th with D 6th at the same time.

I'm wondering should I use a hammer on on that e 7th fret note and pick the d 6th in time with that.

Or should I develop some finger picking skills so i can finger pick the e string while i hit the d string with my pick


I know exactly the part you are talking about. Here is how I do it:

Barre across the 5th fret--all strings-with your first finger. Then finger the notes as indicated but don't use a pick at all. Pick the 6th fret of the "D" string downward with your thumb and the 7th fret of the "E" string upward with your 3rd finger. This will also apply to the passage immediately following--

Leave the barre on the 5th fret and lift your 2nd finger (left hand) from the 6th fret so you are playing the 5th fret with your thumb and pick the 8th fret of the "E" string with your 3rd finger (right hand).

Pick the in-between 5th fret notes on the 2nd and 3rd strings with your 2nd and 1st fingers respectively.

Hope this helps. If you need more help, let me know and I will put a power tab on the site for you.

Good Luck with your playing!


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Nov 07, 2008
music notes for the pattern picking for right hand
by: Anonymous

Hi, I would like to have the written music for the picking for the right hand . I am only learning the guitar but I can read music as I play the piano. It is just the right hand is difficult for me. I need to know the pattern picking for the right hand for the guitar.
Hope you can help me.



You can find the printed music on this site. Just go to Free Stairway to Heaven Guitar Pro Sheet Music

Best Wishes!

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