Sonor Force 2003 Drum Set

by Alex
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

is it worth it to buy this drum set?

Sonor Force 2003 (Birch and Maple) 10", 12", 14" and kick 22". Snare 14" (wood). Sabian cymbals with boom stands: Splash AAX (10), Ride AAX(20), Stage Crash AAX(16), Studio Crash AAX(17) and China Type B8-Pro (18) and Hi-Hat AAX (14). The skins are all Evans. pedal and throne.

This drum set is used, and i'm a mid level drummer.

He is asking 1 300$

should I buy it?


Hi, Alex--

If the drums are in decent shape, I don't see how you could go wrong for the price. Sonor drums are good mid-range sets and all the reviews I read were favorable.

The Sabian cymbals are probably worth $300.00 by themselves.

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