Sonor Drum Kit

by phil mc grane
(dublin \ ireland)

I'm going to purchase a double bass drum kit.
its a Sonor kit: two bass drums;four mounted toms;
one floor tom; a snare drum; two boom stands; snare stand; hi-hat stand.

1. Would you recommend Sonor?

2. Is 2300 euro a bit dear?


Greetings, Phil!

This was a difficult question to answer. I found only one Sonor double bass set. It was at the Sonor German website--and no price available.

Single bass Sonor sets are selling at Musician's Friend for around $999. US Dollars (list price-around $1500)

Here is the spec list:

* F27 2017 bass drum 20" x 17-1/2"
* F27 1405 snare drum 14" x 5-1/2"
* F27 1008 tom 10" x 8"
* F27 1209 tom 12" x 9"
* F27 1414 floor tom 14" x 14"
* DTH 275 double tom holder

Drum Hardware HS 275 Hardware Set 200
* Hi-Hat: HH 274
* Snare Drum Stand: SS 277
* Mini Boom Stand: MBS 273 (2x)
* Bass Drum Single Pedal: SP 473

So--you will have to decide whether the extra bass ,two extra mounted toms, and additional boom stand are worth and additional $2375.00 US (1,618.63 EUR).

You did not mention whether it is a new or used set, so that will enter into the picture also.

It is a lot of money, but if you like the set--it is probably worth it. I thought the Sonor double bass set looked very nice--and it IS made by Hohner, which is a very reputable company.

Hope this helps and Good Luck with your new drums!


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Feb 11, 2008
no sonor;
by: phil mc grane

hi lynne just to let you guys know i opted for the pearl export ex double base drum kit and for nearly the same price i got some serious hardware to go with it its great and sounds excellent too!

Hey Phil--

Glad to hear that you love your new drums. Pearl is an excellent company.


Jan 31, 2008
Sonor Drum Kit
by: Phil McGrane

by: phil mc grane

hi lynn
ive decided to go with the pearl deep shell black
double bass drum kit instead of the sonorone,thanks again for your halp with sonor information, i've purchased the pearl export kit and it sounds and looks brilliant i also purchased a stack of symbols, four additional amount of tomms, china symbols, a piccalo and splash and crash symbols. its absolutely excellant and it cost me a packet... but i don't care its for life.

Jan 27, 2008
sonor double base kit
by: Anonymous

lynne thank you,
its a new kit.its being ordered to suit me taste.
it origionally had two floor toms but i wanted the extra mounted you still think its a bit pricy?
theres no cymbals with that!
although i havnt finalised anything yet, id like to know what the same kit would sell for in euro;

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