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I have a question about songs that would be good for beginning drummers to learn. My friend's son is a beginning drummer and I am going to visit his family over the holidays. I am planning to give him a drum lesson. I have worked with him before and taught him a couple of AC/DC songs. I guess I'm looking for some suggestions as far as groups besides AC/DC. I think CCR is also good, but I don't think that would necessarily inspire a 14-year-old boy, since that stuff is pretty old. (It's even older than me!) Do you have any suggestions as far as newer rock groups or tunes that you maybe use with your students or maybe country groups/tunes, since he likes country.



Hi, Kirsten--

My beginners usually start with AC/DC, Green Day, Blink 182, Coldplay, Deep Purple, The Eagles, FallOut Boy, Finger Eleven, Guns N' Roses--to name a few.

You might want to communicate with him beforehand and find out what songs he would like to learn. That is what I do with my drummers.

Have you checked out our Almost Free Drum Tabs?

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The list of tabs might give you some ideas. You could even take him the sheet music for a song that he chooses.

Best Wishes,

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