Snares rattle when playing other drums.

by Chris
(Ft. Collins, CO)

Whenever I have my snare turned on and I play any other drum (tom or kick), the snare "buzzes". Ive changed both heads, tried everything I know to adjust it and I still have no luck. Playing the snare while it is off still results in light rattle from the snare strings (?). Is it time for a new snare?


Hi, Chris--

First of all, if the "rattling" is moderate, it is not a huge problem. When you are playing with a band it is a lot less noticeable than when you are playing alone. If you listen closely to recordings, you can sometimes hear a slight response from the snares when other drums are played.

I have addressed different ways to try to control snare buzz at Eliminating a Snare Buzz.

Best Wishes,

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