snare drum trigger problem

by demonocus
(victoria canada)

i just got a roland snare trigger and no matter what gain level i use i hit it once and it sounds like i hit it 5 times how do i stop this i've tried everything except stuffing the snare drum with pillows and taking the chain off i don't really want to have to do that though.


Hi, Demonocus--

Unfortunately "double triggering" is a common problem when using triggers on acoustic drums. It is caused by multiple vibrations between the two drum heads.

You don't mention whether you are using a sound module and if so, what kind you are using. Most sound modules have a cross talk control that will reduce or eliminate the problem.

Some drummers are also experimenting with using a mesh head as the batter head. One example is "Hart Dynamics Kontrol Screen Magnum Drumhead".

Keep checking back here because some of my readers may have other ideas for you.

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