Snare Drum Rolls--Sticking

by Ed

After watching different videos and reading different articles on playing rudiments i have become confused.On the 5 stroke one shows RR LL R RR LL R But another shows RR LL R LL RR L. Which one is correct and is it the same for the other stroke rolls or rudiments?

Thank You, Ed


Hi, Ed--

The 5 stroke roll should be practiced in the 2nd manner--alternate the starting stick every time.

The seven stroke always begins with the same stick, but should be practiced starting with either stick.

In general, if the roll ends on the same stick it starts with, the sticking is alternated.


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Dec 08, 2012
Drum rolls
by: Nicholas

Well there is no right can have different verations..normal would be RR LL R LL RR L..OR can also played in triplets ..RLR LR...STILL FIVE STROCK ROLL..but a veration..the reason for this is to change your roll skills..some my be easier to use for fills and solos..but every drummer plays his own way..good luck

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