Snare drum head is stuck to the drum!

by Brendan
(Los Angeles)

I was going to replace my snare drum but after I took off the rim, I learned that the head is stuck on the damn drum! I tried to saw through the drumhead chasi, but I can't get that any closer without sawing the bearing edge. I barely can slide a puddy knife under only some of the spots.

Thank you!!!


Hi, Brendan--

The head must be stuck because of the drum shell swelling. This can happen if the drums are located in a room where excess moisture can be absorbed by the drum shell.

I keep a dehumidifier--a simple one that uses adsorption beads to remove excess moisture fom the room--in the drum studio.

OK--try this: go to Home Depot or a similar hardware store and get one of those kits. Mine is called Dri-Z-Air, but I have seen them under a different name at Home Depot. Then you can place it in the room with the drum and in a few days, the shell should shrink back and you can remove the head.

If you want faster action, try carefully cutting the head next to the rim so that only the rim of the head remains and place the holder with the crystals inside the drum, resting on the bottom head.

After you get the head removed, continue to keep the kit in the room with your drums to avoid the problem in the future.

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Best Wishes,

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