Snare comparison

by J.R. Lancaster
(Bluff, Utah)

I am searching for a deep tone snare drum. Would like to know the difference in tone with a 8x14 rosewood compared to an 8x14 maple. Thanks..


Hi, J.R.--

Maple and Rosewood are both hard woods, which in general gives them a brighter and crisp sound. The real difference in sound will be due to the density or porosity of the wood.

Maple is very dense meaning that it is less porous. This will give it a brighter sound. Maple is the most commonly used wood in higher end drum kits.

Rosewood is more porous, which will result in a warmer tone. It is more expensive that Maple.

If you want an extremely deep and rich tone, try African Mahogany. It offers a dramatic boost in lower frequencies and is a favorite of jazz drummers.

You will probably not be able to find a new African Mahogany snare as it is now considered an endangered wood. Some of the older Sonors, Gretch and high end Pearls and Tamas were made with African Mahogany.


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